Uniqueness, luxury and elegance: the distinctive marks of Giorgio Collection shine under the spotlight, demonstrating the excellence of all our products. Light creates a suggestive atmosphere, focusing on the intricate details that make our creations inimitable.
The fascinating interplay of the woven cordage, the quilted fabrics and leathers and the exclusive stainless steel details are even more impressive when illuminated. Precious materials are the protagonists of our furniture, revealing their exclusivity and create a feeling of prestige and luxury.
Premium fabrics and leathers have been skillfully crafted to make original quilted patterns, resulting in a refined and exquisite look. Elegance appears in the details, meticulously realized through artisanal processes, making each piece an icon of Made in Italy quality.

Sofas excellence

In the world of luxury living, sofas are prestigious pieces that have to combine comfort, elegance and aesthetics. Giorgio Collection sofas are designed to meet all these requirements, offering the best of Made in Italy quality and introducing a contemporary, sophisticated style to the living room. Each collection offers models with a distinctive personality and design, distinguished by the highest quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. 

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Moonlight decor

Accessories are essential elements of a luxury lifestyle. Moonlight Collection includes a wide range of decor and complements that combine the finest materials with the distinctive design of Giorgio Collection, making them ideal to embellish your home down to the smallest detail.

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Made in Italy excellence

The pursuit of perfection is a priority at the heart of our production process. This commitment to excellence is recognisable in the meticulous craftsmanship that gives shape to each piece in our collections.

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